Decks & Pergolas


High traffic decks that allow a greater flow of people and activities within the same space.
In addition, by working with wood, we allow the climatic changes in relation to day and night to adapt to the needs of the place.
Made of solid natural wood, which allows us to offer benefits such as: greater durability and a greater aesthetic contribution.

It all start working around the permeability, since it should not affect the feeling of open air, and at the same time it should provide thermal and light comfort and protection against rain and sun; feeling a direct connection between the interior, the garden and the space we are designing.


Our pergolas are made up of columns and an upper frame, which are covered with plants. They serve to protect from rain and sun. They can also be used as a decorative element. We make custom pergolas to recreate external spaces on inside places, like homes, offices or shops.

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